Taking It By Steps ... 

First Steps(ages 16 months - 6 yrs) programs are designed for little ones focusing on the basics as well as having fun in a dance happy way.  Your little one will be welcomed into the dance room and they'll soon be tippy toeing, twirling, skipping, jumping and tapping.  You'll hear some singing and see some special props to add to the excitement of class.  It's a magical time for little ones!

Next Steps(ages 6 yrs - adult)are the foundation building classes where the dancers will learn the fundamentals of a subject with emphasis on technique. Classes are taught in a fun and progressive atmosphere.  There are numerous levels so that the dancer can progress with their peers and feel comfortable doing so.  

As the dancers progress and develop, they move on to our Top Steps(advanced dancers). Here they will be instructed and motivated to be the best they can be. Weather you choose our recreational or competitive program you will see your dancer motivated and inspired to achieve their goals.

All classes have the opportunity to perform in our annual recital where all the dancers shine.  You'll see smiling faces, energized performers, and proud parents.  It is truely a rewarding experience by the dancers and audience.

Summer StepsSummer is a time to try a new subject, keep things going or just to dance, stay fit and have fun. We have weekly classes for children and adults; all day, week – long workshops for kids and teens, and for little princes & princesses we have Fairy Tale 1/2 Days. We also have guest master teachers so no need to travel.


First Steps… for ages 16 months to 6 years ...

  • Dance With Me (16 months - 2.5 yrs):  We're happy to begin this new class where little ones can dance with the help of their parent or guardian.  It's similar to our Toddler Time Class, but the parents or guardian will help the entire season.  (This class will not be part of our yearly recital but will focus on dancing, locomotor skills, and learning to take a class with the comfort or a parent or guardian.)  Once your little dancer is mobile, the fun can begin for both parent and child.  You'll get to jump, gallop, pointe your toes and sing along to some fun and catchy tunes.  The class will introduce dance in a fun and happy way.

  • Toddler Time (18 months - 3 yrs):  A class where smiles and giggles are a must and dance fundamentals are started. Jumping, skipping, galloping, kicking and toe pointing are some things you’ll see your little dancer achieving. Parents accompany their little one for the first 1/3 of the dance year to help them take the class. Once confidence is built, the little ones will take class on their own and eventually go on the big stage to show all their hard work! 
  • Preschool (3 - 4 yrs):  A class where little ones develop coordination, rhythm, flexibility and ballet fundamentals in a fun-loving way. Dancers will be kicking, jumping, turning, galloping, skipping and doing chasses across the floor. They will use scarves, hula hoops, batons and other inspiring props. You’ll hear clapping and see faces gleaming as your little one accomplishes their steps!
  • Combo, Adv Combo (4 - 5 yrs):  A combination class consisting of ½ hour of ballet and ½ hour of tap for young dancers. This class teaches the basics in a dance happy way and is a stepping stone to a more disciplined and technical class. You’ll see pointed toes, straight knees, jumping, skipping, chasses, passes and hear flaps, shuffles, hops and ball changes. A joy for young dancers as their excitement shines.​
  • Kids Hip Hop (4 - 5 yrs):  Dance inspired by today’s hit songs and hip hop music. Its style is commonly seen in music videos. Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers and get ready to move and groove. Stretching, isolations, floor progressions and combinations will get you ready to show your stuff. 

Next Steps… for an older beginner, intermediate dancer, adults or younger competitive level …

  • Ballet (6 & up):  A disciplined technique emphasizing proper body placement, basic positions of the body and ballet vocabulary. The class includes barre, center, adagio, allegro, elevation and balance. The class builds from one level to the next and the progress can be seen as grace, poise & confidence is built!
  • Jazz (6 & up):  This class helps develop a sense of rhythm and style. It consists of isolation warm-ups, major muscle warm-ups, stretch, floor progressions and combinations. The styles include Funk, Broadway, Lyrical and Contemporary. The class builds from one level to the next and the progress can be seen as jumps and turns are completed.
  • Tap (6 & up):  The class consists of foot and ankle warm-ups, floor progressions, combinations and routines. The fundamentals are stressed including rhythm, timing and precision. Soft-shoe, musical theatre, rhythm and jazz are styles of this class. You’ll hear the clarity of shuffles, flaps and other sounds as the dancers progress into more intricate pick up work. A sure show stopper!
  • Contemporary (9 & up):  A fusion of a lyric and a modern class. Please see below. It’s one of today’s hottest subjects!
  • Lyric (9 & up):  A style of jazz but balletic in nature. It interprets the feeling and lyrics of the music through motion and facial expression. The class includes center barre, floor stretches, progressions and combinations. Technique is emphasized working from both jazz and ballet. A visually moving class.
  • Modern (11 & up):  Based on ballet, but containing aspects of jazz, drama, and Native American Dance. Based on Graham and Limon techniques. These techniques involve a lot of contracting, releasing and fall recovery. The class also consists of combinations, core strength and floor progressions.
  • Hip Hop (6 & up):  Dance inspired by today’s hit songs and hip hop music. Its style is commonly seen in music videos. Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers and get ready to move and groove. Stretching, isolations, floor progressions and combinations will get you ready to show your stuff.
  • Musical Theatre (9 & up):  A fun and uplifting class combining aspects of jazz with stage presentation and facial expressions. The dancers not only dance, they get the opportunity to do some non-vocalized acting. This style is commonly seen in Broadway productions and will have you snapping, jumping and turning right out the door.
  • Acro Gymnastics (5 & up):  Floor gymnastics. This class involves conditioning, stretching, balancing and flexibility skills in addition to gymnastics moves. Forward and backward rolls progress to cartwheels, round-offs, walk overs, aerials and tucks. A thrilling class!
  • Fitness - Zumba & Boot Camp (adults):  The Zumba program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves created a one of a kind fitness program. Fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Boot Camp includes exercises and the use of light weights to help strengthen and tone the body. A great combination for an all- around workout that is fun!  Don't forget to bring a towel or exercise mat and light hand weights (if you have them).
  • Theatre Arts (9 & up):  Using the world of theatre as a foundation, this class will incorporate exercises and activities geared toward the development and nurturing of essential qualities in each student:  confidence, self esteem, creative thinking, public speaking, acting abilities, teamwork and leadership.  Offering each student the opportunity to learn, grow and shine.

Top Steps…for experienced teens and higher competitive levels …

  • Advancing technique in all above subjects ... Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Lyric, Modern, Hip Hop, Acro  plus Pointe!

Recreational Steps(Sept - June): If you are interested in learning a dance subject this is where you’d start. We offer classes in most subjects, once a week from September through mid June for either ¾ or 1 hour long. The classes are designed to instruct in a fun and structured way while developing the technique to progress in a subject you love. All our classes have the opportunity to perform in our yearly dance recital that is held in June.

Competitive Steps(Sept - June): We offer competitive classes for the more serious student who wants to make the commitment to a team. Students wishing to become a part of the competitive program must dance with Step By Step for a least a year before being considered. Students are auditioned during the summer by guest master teachers and once chosen are required to take specific classes in ballet, tap, jazz, technique and modern. Competition dancers are required to participate in all competitions and performance opportunities.

Summer Steps  (July - August):  A time to try a class, enjoy one of our workshops/camps, or endure our master classes.  We offer a 5 week course in most dance subjects and acro so that our dancers can continue their passion or try something new.  The camps range from 3 magical 1/2 days for our little ones, through exciting week long programs for beginner through advanced dancers.  Our Workshops/camps conclude with a fascinating performance showing the accomplishments of the week.  Master classes bring the excitement of guest instructors and choreographers right to you. 

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"As a parent you want your child to be in a place where she is comfortable and can reach her full potential. Step by Step Studio of Dance has been that place for my daughter. The Staff take the time to know the child and their family, every dancer feels special. You know at the end of the day that your child's dance experience will make a lasting impression, for all the right reasons!!"
                                                                            -K. McCormack

"Just wanted to let you know I couldn't envision my daughter growing up without her dancing at your studio.  Sometimes it has been difficult for her to balance her academics and commitment to dance, but that is why it matters to the colleges she has applied to. If she did an easier extra curricular activity it wouldn't carry as much weight in that aspect of her application.  Every time I hear "Bang Bang" on the radio I crank it up and get a smile thinking of that dance, one of the great memories we will never forget. "    - Mr. B 

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