Our yearly recital, which is held in June, is the culmination of the season's training.  It is an exciting event which is met with enthusiasm by the dancers, instructors and audience.  You'll see the dancers gleaming with pride as they perform their exciting routine.  The show is very entertaining and the applause can be heard far beyond the auditorium.  It is a memorable experience by all.  With that being said, it is strongly suggested that each student take part in this rewarding performance.  Please notify the studio by November 1 if you will not be performing in the recital:  otherwise we will consider you committed.  Students will need 1 costume per class.  Each costume will cost approximately $65.00 for children, $70 for intermediates, teens & adults.  A deposit of $65 will be due by November 1.  Please note that once a deposit has been made, there are NO refunds or credits and that will commit the dancer to the recital.  Costume balances (if any) will be due by February 1.

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